Just Moved? 4 Tips To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

By: Dana Gain

Just Moved? 4 Tips To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

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Getting ready to move can feel a little bit like planning a wedding.

There are a thousand tiny details to get lined up before the big day. As a result, it might seem both intimidating and highly impractical to think much beyond just getting through the move successfully.
However, transitioning into a new home is about more than just putting items into boxes and removing them later. It’s about making the new property feel like home.
Let’s take a look at 4 things you can do that can help make your new purchase feel like it really belongs to you.

1. Paint 

There is no singular investment that makes as powerful a difference as a fresh coat of paint.
Whether there is a lot of painting required or just a small amount, try to take care of this in the first few days. Ideally, in the days before you move into the house. Choosing your paint colours and getting it up onto the walls has positively magical powers when it comes to making the house feel like yours.

In addition to setting up the house with colours that suit your taste, paint provides an overall cleaning effect to the interior of the home. You will move into a house that looks and feels clean and fresh, allowing you to start your new chapter with a clean slate.
Remember to do the doors and trim as well. Even if you have to spend a few more dollars to have a painter come in and do the work for you, you will be very happy you made the investment.

2. Unpack 

While it may sound like a blinding glimpse of the obvious, unpacking is one of the most important things you can do to make the house feel like it’s yours.
All too often, life gets in the way and it can be easy to let weeks or even months elapse before all the moving boxes have been emptied. Taking a little extra time in the days following your move to remove every last item from those boxes will pay huge dividends later.

It will not only make the house feel less cluttered and chaotic, but it can also bring a sense of peace knowing that the work is done.
Remember to collapse the boxes and get them of out of the house and onto the curb soon as they are emptied. The more of your own items that are visible without boxes cluttering your view, the more at home you will feel.

3. Prepare The Home Office First

When we move into a new house, we are usually hoping to be back into our normal routine within a few days. Reestablishing our routine is one of the most  important ways we can make the new house feel like home. 
With so many of us working from home now, consider starting with your home office.

Make it a priority to unpack all the belongings from the work boxes and get all your technology plugged in and operational. Hang your artwork or diplomas on the walls, and get out the paper stock, pens, staplers, and other work tools set up on your desktop.
While the temptation may be strong to just start unpacking the box that’s right in front of you, remember that there are only so many hours in a day. At some point you will need to stop and rest. Attacking the home office first will help to take the pressure off the balance of the unpacking because you’ll know that you are ready to go back to work even if the rest doesn’t get finished in time.

4. Hire A Cleaning Service

Moving into a house that you know someone else has been living in can create a certain amount of apprehension. How clean did the previous owners keep the house? Hiring professionals to clean the home from top to bottom can offer a surprising amount of reassurance.

Once the unpacking is completed and the boxes have all been removed, consider hiring a maid service to scour the house from top to bottom. Having the cleaning done afterwards will give you time to identify specific areas that need more attention than others and then communicate this to the maid service.
Depending on the state of the property at the time you take possession, you can also opt to have the home professionally cleaned before you move in, with a second light cleaning done after you have unpacked.
Regardless of whether you opt to have the house professionally cleaned before or afterwards, knowing the home has been thoroughly scrubbed is a very satisfying feeling. You won’t have to spend any time wondering what unwelcome dust or grime may be lurking in kitchen cabinets, underneath appliances, or on window sills.***

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